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The Truth About Bespoke Suits: Why “Custom” and Made-to-Measure Don’t Cut It

Mar 23 2016Bespoke, Tips from David Lance

What IS a bespoke suit? Good question.

Some people think it’s a suit bought off-the-rack, then tailored to fit. Others believe it’s a suit made with your measurements, and a range of set options in the sleeves, lining, etc.

Chris Rock, Oscars Jokes, And the Future of Formalwear

Mar 04 2016Bespoke, In the News

The press rarely ask what men are wearing—or who they’re wearing—on the red carpet. Chris Rock made this astute observation in his monologue at the 88th Academy Awards last Sunday—and for many, it was a temporary respite from the barrage of commentary that #OscarsSoWhite. Then, Chris rocked the house with his punchline, that an exception would be swiftly made for George Clooney in a lime green suit with a swan coming out of his rear end.

Limited Editions Spring & Summer 2015

Sep 28 2015DLNY News

It’s time to say good riddance to dirty snow and frigid weather, and start wearing  your Spring 2015 wardrobe.

Pure Linen: Some people don’t like to wear classic linen because they find it too delicate, airy, and wrinkles to no end. Others don’t like to wear traditional, Irish linen because it’s thicker and feels coarse to the touch. That’s why our Limited Edition Pure Linen is a great option....

A Night Out With Porsche and Condé Nast

Aug 28 2015DLNY News

Although DLNY and Porsche are in completely different industries, it can be said that craftsmanship in any trade, is driven by passion. It is for this reason that Condé Nast Traveler paired us with Porsche for their Connoisseurs: Pursuit of Passions campaign. We create suits that are customized to a centimeter of a man’s body, then styled with accoutrements to compliment their impeccable quality. Essentially, it could be said that Porsche makes bespoke cars.

Surgeon’s Cuffs

Jul 01 2015Video Blogs

Surgeon’s cuffs are nothing but a decorative accoutrement.

Porsche Connoisseurs Video Series : The Guide to Sourcing – Craftsmanship Without Compromise

Jun 09 2015Video Blogs

David Lance explains the importance of sourcing the perfect fabric for each suit to fulfill it’s purpose. He also discusses fine attention to detail, and how experienced craftsmanship is the only way to get you there.